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Project HERO Purpose, Services, Goals and Objectives

Project HERO is a pilot program that assists the VA is delivering quality access for veterans to the health care they need when specific medical expertise or technology is not available inside the VA health care system.  Project HERO removes the guesswork.  Humana Veterans provides the VA and its veterans with pre-screened networks of health care providers who meet VA standards for quality care.
Through Project HERO, Humana Veterans provides:
  • One-stop appointment setting services with local health care providers
  • Patient advocate services
  • Credentialed, quality providers
  • Return of clinical information to the VA and continuity of care
  • Timely provider claims processing and sending claims to the VA for reimbursement
  • Monitoring and reporting of access to care, appointment timeliness, patient safety and satisfaction
The ultimate goal of Project HERO is to ensure that all health care delivered by the VA, either through VA providers or community partners, is of comparable quality and consistency for veterans.
  • Provide as much care for veterans within the VA as possible
  • Efficiently refer veterans to high quality community based care as requested by the VA
  • Improve the exchange of information between VA and community providers
  • Increase veteran health care satisfaction
  • Foster high quality and timely access to health care and patient safety
  • Sustain partnerships with university affiliates
  • Secure accountable evaluation of results

(Source:  VA website May 27, 2009) 

Last Update: February 11, 2013